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Stamp Program Objectives

In order to address the global mercury problem, Aladdin has developed the Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) program. This program is designed to induce artisanal and all mercury mining users to adopt Aladdin's highly efficient mining technologies. The fundamental strategy looks to illustrate the economic advantages of HGP to the miners. Although being able to provide a safe work environment , safety benefits alone are not sufficient to convince indigent miners to abandon mercury processing. Ultimately, the success of the program must rely on its ability to provide the miners with a greater level of income than what they are able to derive when using mercury. The broad objectives of the STAMP Program are as follows:
1. Employ as many artisanal miners as is possible while maintaining the economical integrity of the program.
2. Work to eliminate the use of mercury when extracting gold in the customary artisanal alluvial concentrates and hard rock deposit areas.
3. Increase artisanal miner wages above the national average and provide bonuses based on gold revenues.
4. Create new employment opportunities and provide training for higher paid jobs in the trades, management, administration, accounting, mining, geology, process engineering, and attendant disciplines.
5. Provide a humanitarian fund to benefit the miners and their families.
6. Convert sites to farming land or forestry after gold is depleted from the properties.
7. Attract artisanal miners to proven gold reserves set aside by large scale mining companies and / or the government.
8. Make a profit for all stakeholders

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin Technologies Inc. is dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly processes to host countries so that mineral wealth can be extracted in a way that does not endanger local ecosystems or the health of native people. This interest - coupled with a commitment to mutual respect and a close involvement with all stakeholders - is behind the company's drive to help the government and citizens of countries achieve maximum benefit from their mineral resources. We also recognize that shareholder interests are best served when - based on our ethical treatment of indigenous people and sensitivity to environmental issues - countries actively seek out business relationships with the company.

Social responsibility is not simply an abstract concept, but rather, a realistic moral command and business strategy. Aladdin will do whatever is reasonable to help the communities of people around the world with which it interacts. Therefore, to disregard the tenants of mutual respect and fair trade would not only be morally corrupt, but it could also damage shareholder value in company mineral endeavors. Aladdin endeavors to be a leader in the way in which it brings obligations of social responsibility to its business enterprises.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Garbage Dump in the Universe?

One other noteworthy progressive change occurred in 2017 when the UN finally adopted the Minimata Convention, to curb mercury use. See ‘Landmark UN-backed treaty on mercury takes effect’ and ‘Minamata Convention, Curbing Mercury Use, is Now Legally Binding’ .
As for the other issues mentioned above, there is nothing to celebrate with mining and logging corporations committed to their profits at the expense of the local environments of indigenous peoples all over the world and governments showing little effective interest in curbing this or taking more than token interest in cleaning up toxic military waste sites. As always, local indigenous and activist groups often work on these issues against enormous odds. See, for example, ‘Ecuador Endangered’ .

World Bank, Liberian Adviser, Creditor Culpable in Liberia’s 62 Fraudulent Concessionary Agreements?

And in March 2016 an accident at New Liberty Gold mine released cyanide and arsenic, byproducts of the mining process, into a nearby river that serves villages downstream. In Jikando, where people use its water to fish, bathe and wash clothes, they began to see dead fish floating. Soon, they started developing skin rashes themselves,” they added.

How a young German director documented illegal gold mining in Ghana

Can the damages on the environment be repaired?  Mercury cannot be retrieved from the rivers. When gold miners sift and wash river sand, they use mercury that amalgamates with the gold, making it easier to retrieve it from the sand. The mercury that's then combined with the gold particles is burned and the remaining liquid mercury is eliminated in rivers. Statistics claim that a third of all mercury found in the eco-system is from small-scale gold miners.
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Nigeria: FG Pushes for Modern Techniques in Mining to Protect Lives, Environment

This was practically demonstrated recently when a team from the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, organised a three-day tour of gold mines in various communities in Ilesha part of Osun State. The event was also packaged to include training of hundreds of artisanal and small-scale miners on personal safety and environmental protection. It attracted participants from Ibodi, Badaye, Epe, Iyere, Ijana, Igun, among other villages.
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No glitter for Karamoja gold miners, says report

Although residents of Lolung Village, in Rupa Sub-county, Moroto District continue to scramble for gold in the area, their struggle has not freed them from poverty.
Ms Marka Awocik, the woman representative for Lolung Small Scale Gold Mining Association, says gold in Rupa was discovered by children who were herding cattle.
“We all left our homes and that explains how we ended up at the mining site,” she says.
According to a new report released by Native TV and Travels and Stiffen Doen, a Dutch charity organisation on gold mining in the area, Karamoja residents continue to live in abject poverty despite the discovery of the precious mineral.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Zimbabwe: Parly Warns Over Artisanal Miners

Several conflicts have also been reported between farmers and artisanal miners while the greatest concern for farmers was the irreversible damage inflicted on prime land and loss of livestock due to cyanide poisoning, abandoned pits and damage to grazing land.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DENR’s Cimatu vows to lift ban on small-scale mining operation

Small-scale mining under Republic Act (RA) 7076, or the Small-Scale Mining  Act, operation of small-scale mining is only allowed within a declared Minahang Bayan.
Cimatu noted that some small-scale miners continue to use sodium cyanide which is highly toxic.
In addition, he lamented that small-scale miners do not have in place safety hazard control measures.
“I sympathize with these people. Their practice is very dangerous. I hope they could find other ways to earn a living other than illegal mining,” he added.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Behind the Shine – Human Rights Exposed in Jewelry

The conditions under which gold and diamonds are mined can be brutal. Miners – including children – are injured and killed in unsafe gold or diamond mining pits. Indigenous peoples and other local residents living near large-scale mines are forcibly displaced. In conflict zones, civilians suffer enormously as abusive armed groups and criminal networks enrich themselves by exploiting gold and diamonds. Mines are polluting waterways and soil with toxic chemicals, harming the health and livelihoods of whole communities.
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Gold panning, poor farming methods threaten agric sector

“There is a serious conflict between gold mining and agriculture production,” he said. “Gold panning is rampant in this province, especially in Mazowe, Bindura and Mt Darwin districts. These illegal mining activities are threatening the country’s food basket as Mashonaland Central is known for.
Mr Rwafa said the use of chemicals like sodium cyanide and red mercury was becoming a mortal threat to both humans and animals.
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Federal govt trains gold miners on safer mining techniques in Osun

He advised them against digging without wearing protective clothing, adding that they must stop the use of chemicals such as mercury and cyanide in their mining activities in order not to expose themselves to grave health issues and pollution of the rivers as well as the flora and fauna.
read more... https://www.today.ng/news/nigeria/81014/federal-govt-trains-gold-miners-safer-mining-techniques-osun