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Stamp Program Objectives

In order to address the global mercury problem, Aladdin has developed the Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) program. This program is designed to induce artisanal and all mercury mining users to adopt Aladdin's highly efficient mining technologies. The fundamental strategy looks to illustrate the economic advantages of HGP to the miners. Although being able to provide a safe work environment , safety benefits alone are not sufficient to convince indigent miners to abandon mercury processing. Ultimately, the success of the program must rely on its ability to provide the miners with a greater level of income than what they are able to derive when using mercury. The broad objectives of the STAMP Program are as follows:
1. Employ as many artisanal miners as is possible while maintaining the economical integrity of the program.
2. Work to eliminate the use of mercury when extracting gold in the customary artisanal alluvial concentrates and hard rock deposit areas.
3. Increase artisanal miner wages above the national average and provide bonuses based on gold revenues.
4. Create new employment opportunities and provide training for higher paid jobs in the trades, management, administration, accounting, mining, geology, process engineering, and attendant disciplines.
5. Provide a humanitarian fund to benefit the miners and their families.
6. Convert sites to farming land or forestry after gold is depleted from the properties.
7. Attract artisanal miners to proven gold reserves set aside by large scale mining companies and / or the government.
8. Make a profit for all stakeholders

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin Technologies Inc. is dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly processes to host countries so that mineral wealth can be extracted in a way that does not endanger local ecosystems or the health of native people. This interest - coupled with a commitment to mutual respect and a close involvement with all stakeholders - is behind the company's drive to help the government and citizens of countries achieve maximum benefit from their mineral resources. We also recognize that shareholder interests are best served when - based on our ethical treatment of indigenous people and sensitivity to environmental issues - countries actively seek out business relationships with the company.

Social responsibility is not simply an abstract concept, but rather, a realistic moral command and business strategy. Aladdin will do whatever is reasonable to help the communities of people around the world with which it interacts. Therefore, to disregard the tenants of mutual respect and fair trade would not only be morally corrupt, but it could also damage shareholder value in company mineral endeavors. Aladdin endeavors to be a leader in the way in which it brings obligations of social responsibility to its business enterprises.


Friday, December 8, 2017

Mine construction plans threaten environment in Aegean resort island Gökçeada

According to environmental experts, 1,000 tons of rock need to be melted with cyanide to obtain a kilogram of gold. If the plan that will lead to changes in Gökçeada’s topographic structure is not withdrawn, underground water and five lakes will face serious damage.
read more... http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/mine-construction-plans-threaten-environment-in-aegean-resort-island-gokceada-123804

Militarization and mining a dangerous mix in Venezuelan Amazon

Often deprived of a fair price for the minerals they mine, or underpaid, these men frequently fear for their lives and must cope daily with dangerous conditions, risking mine collapses and handling toxic mercury used in gold ore processing. Most small-scale miners simply want to bring home the bacon to support their families, so it’s no surprise that environmental regulations rate far down their list of priorities.
read more... https://news.mongabay.com/2017/12/militarization-and-mining-a-dangerous-mix-in-venezuelan-amazon/

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Artisanal mines gold in the Philippines

Most of the miners work at unregulated and illegal mining sites that rely heavily on mercury to extract gold. Miners work without proper protective gear and handle this toxic liquid metal with their bare hands, which can cause serious damage to their health, the community and the environment.
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Mercury in gold mining poses toxic threat

"The continued use of mercury in gold mining threatens millions of people all over the world, since mercury is a global air pollutant," said Michael Bender, a coordinator for the Zero Mercury Working Group, a coalition of 40 groups worldwide that campaigns to reduce mercury use. "We’re talking about a neurotoxin that science clearly shows threatens pregnant women, their fetus and those who eat large amounts of fish."
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mercury poisoning widespread as even UN delegates test positive

The UN’s Minamata Convention entered into force in August and the first international summit on the issue was held in Geneva in September. At that meeting, delegates from around the world, including environment ministers, were tested for mercury contamination: the results were shocking.
Analysis showed that mercury levels were above the threshold considered safe by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in more than a half of the attendants who participated. Hair samples were taken from 180 officials hailing from 75 countries.

WWF tracking dolphins down the Amazon in scientific first

Knowing more about the river dolphins is fundamental in safeguarding their survival in an environment that’s increasingly affected by man-made activities such as gold mining and planned dams.
“Mercury from illegal gold mining is poisoning their waters and food and dams are cutting off migratory routes, adds Oliveira, “WWF’s objective is to understand the effects of these threats on river dolphin populations which have been isolated.”

Chinese ‘investor’ moves to evict 10,000 artisanal miners

Hubei further claims that the artisanal miners use mercury and cyanide while mining.
“… the use of mercury in illegal mining activities leads to mercury poisoning and exposes the… fertile soils, water sources, livestock and the defendants themselves to poisoning,” the plaint reads in part.
The country is also losing money since the artisanal miners do not pay tax or royalties, the Chinese firm noted.
Hubei officials feel the security officers have let the company down for not reining in the artisanal miners.
Also, its complaints to the directorate of Geological Survey and Mines about the activities of artisanal miners we

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Galamsey: Chemicals used in extracting gold kills - Environmentalist

An environmental scientist, Mr. Kwame Owusu says individuals engaged in ‘galamsey’ will soon die due to the use of chemicals in extracting gold. 

He told Rainbow Radio that the sector poses serious dangers to human health and the environment. 

He explained, dust and fumes from drilling and blasting of ore present health threats to miners due to poor ventilation. 
read more... https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/Galamsey-Chemicals-used-in-extracting-gold-kills-Environmentalist-606601

Artisanal Mines Yield Gold in the Philippines at High Cost to Miners’ Health

Most of the miners work at unregulated and illegal mining sites that rely heavily on mercury to extract gold. Miners work without proper protective gear and handle this toxic liquid metal with their bare hands, which can cause serious damage to their health, the community and the environment.

Some miners purchase bottles of mercury from vendors who reportedly sell it cheaply.

Mercury is used to attract and bind gold, usually mixed by hand in a pan to form a clay-like amalgam, which is squeezed to let out the excess liquid.
read more... http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=2447196&CategoryId=13280

Kenya: Women who have been tortured for the environment

In Kenya, some 5000 people are exposed to Mercury pollution in Artisanal small-scale gold mining sites. "Mercury is banned under the Minamata Convention, negotiated in Nairobi at UNEP. In the impoverished community that I'm working with they don't have much option. Mining gold and mixing it with mercury is the only knowledge they have and the main source of income. Communities do not have access to information about the hazards of using mercury. We need our government to stop mercury trade" said ..